Note that these ideas not necessarily reflect my ideology. Most of them had arisen as spontaneous candidates for solutions to immediate or imaginary problems, from my Halfbakery ([1], [2]) and 0oo.



Billiard with asteroids, lets you move large asteroids through a sequence of small ones. ... Must be already baked by nature? (Aug 02 2012)

Emergency Non-cryo Head Preservation Device

A device that makes body-bypass neck vessel surgery quick and easy. (Oct 01 2012)

Computer Mouthpiece

Computer input device for voice chat directly from your mouth. (a tube with a muffler and microphone inside it, analogous to car muffler.) (Oct 01 2012)


A tactile communication device (skin screen) (Sep 27 2012)

+ 3D Study Maze

Computer game for students: theory on the walls, problem solutions unlock the doors. (2012 May 25)

Video Player Control Web Synch

A video player feature to synchronize their controls. (Apr 18 2010)

+ Magic FAQ

Personal information exchange - the essential missing part of social networking profiles. (Sep 22 2012)

OO Mathematics

Organize mathematical knowledge according to the principles of object-oriented programming. (An idea concerning the naming-scheme for mathematical results.) (Sep 14 2012)

+ Ebook Graph Maker

Let's you connect the dots in your electronic literature into a visual graph, have many books in the same zoomable 2D window at the same time. (Sep 10 2012)

Inflatable Sunshade Cap

Inflate it, when shunsine is strong, or it's rainy... (Aug 26 2012)

+ Paid Functions

Functions that bring money, even after you are fired... (Jul 02 2012)


Cryopreserve at high pressure, and avoid fracturing of tissue (?). (Sep 06 2012)

Vertical Slide-Out Dual Screen For Laptops

Take chassis, and stack two flat screens onto one another, so that one could slide out another screen like a drawer upon need. (Aug 13 2012)

+ Privacy Water Helmet

Fits in your backpack, talk with your friends privately in public, protected by a layer of water. (Aug 03 2012)

Indoor smoking mask

Ready, Load, Shoot! Look cool! A mask for indoor smoking. (Jan 29 2005)

3.5D Tetris

3D Tetris with magic mirror walls letting you rotate chiral 3D shapes through 4th dimension to get bricks right... (Jun 05 2012)

+ A Good Social Network Friendlist

Make friend lists not public and not visible to friends by default, and visible only if two friends both decide to make their relationship to be visible to public or friends. (May 14 2010)

A login with protection from keyloggers

A protection from simple keyloggers & easy-to-remember passwords, encode your input! (Jan 19 2005)

Clarified "Chinese"

An Idea of A New Font: Redraw ideas behind Chinese characters, and read learn them faster than the Chinese characters themselves. (Jul 05 2010)

Ancient Town

For understanding human reaction to artefacts left by time travellers. (May 21 2012)

Coauthor Distribution

A fairer way to author publications. (Apr 15 2012)

Credit password

Works even if you've lost your cash or credit card. (Jun 02 2012)

Drawers with infrared sensors

Use infrared senseors for drawers to open automatically when you move your hand near to them. (Jan 08 2010)

+ Extensible Timeline-Like Desktop

Keeps desktop clean of icons, yet you never need to delete or move your desktop icons to another folder. (Dec 25 2011)

+ Floating City Experiment on Earth

Aerostat Habitat Experiment. (Jun 10 2011)

Foot sensors for calling an elevator

Use touch sensors in the floor nearby elevator instead of usual buttons for calling an elevator (Jan 09 2010) (howtoengineerit)

A site providing public information on how to engineer things in natural environment from scratch. (Jan 22 2005)

+ Hankeyboard

Double-sided hand-held touchtype keyboard for Mini-Notebook PC. (Jan 18 2003)

Hitchhiking Stops

Special stops for lifting and travelling for free. (Mar 18 2004)


Be like a grasshopper: compressed air jump exoskeleton for legs. (May 31 2012)

Ice Sledges

Freeze water and sell it! (Mar 15 2004)

+ Intelligent SMS Reminder

You've left your cell phone somewhere deep in your pocket and left it in a locker-room. The phone re-alarms you about new messages when it senses (walking motion) that you have returned. (Feb 08 2005)

Keyboard-present dentist's chair

Attach a keyboard to the dentist's chair and communicate with the dentist through a display screen. (Jun 29 2006)

+ Light Year Cube

A light construction (buidling) to symbolize 1 light year. (Nov 16 2004)

+ Negative Cardinality

A mathematical set property of having less than 0 elements (Just like antimatter in Physics.) (May 31 2012)

+ Reversed Seats in Transport

It may greatly reduce the rate of injuries in accidents. (Feb 02 2011)


Swing transportation -- reinventing the pendulum (as in "reinventing the wheel.") (May 23 2012)

+ Technology Maps ™

Apply the principles of generating driving directions from a road map to automate generation of technological procedures from a map-like knowledge base. (Jan 18 2010)

The Natural New Year Correction

Don't add the February 29 for the next 10 leap years and shift the New Year to coincide with Winter Solstice, where it rightfully should belong. (Jan 01 2010)

Vocabulary Highlighter

Make browser automatically PREDICT and highlight the unknown and/or forgotten words. (Apr 11 2003)

Wine bottles with corkscrews embedded

Connect the cork to a cup with a thread (male screw), and modify the bottle neck outer surface to form another thread (female screw) for the cup to move along the outer surface of the bottleneck. (Jan 08 2010)

World's Neutral Map

A World's Culturally Neutral Cultural Map: A map with information organized into WGS-defined areas instead of country names. (Oct 12 2010)

+ IM Asynchronism indication

Confirmation of reception of instant messages indicated by change of properties of font. (Jan 22 2003)

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Initially, I was collecting the engineering solutions, but from now on I am trying to document interesting scientific hypotheses that I came up with to explain some problematic phenomena. There, the phoenomenon itself is a problem, and the hypothesis is an idea - a potential solution to the problem. I will also include them later on.