Last updated: 2013

Hi, it's a pity I cannot hear and see you right now. If you want to chat with me, come here or fill out my questionnaire. I had been delaying my self-introduction for ages, leaving the space to write it some day. I think it's about the time to do it. :) and I think the best way to do it is by providing the picture of the descriptions of my past present and future. They are always changing, and so will I have to update this page. I could pour endless details about myself, however, I think you just want to get a summary. Perhaps later I'll include some automatically updated statistics, and put them here.

My Past

I was born in Soviet Union, particularly Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic, capital city Vilnius (latitude 54.69108, longitude 25.273329), circa 1983, and spent there about 26.8 years. I attended kindergarten (3 years), the school (12 years), and universities. I tried 3 universities before graduating, -- a program of computer science (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University), a program of physics (Vilnius university), and a program of Japanese language (Wased University), before graduating from a program of mathematics (Vytautas Magnus University). I eventually chose mathematics, because I had too many interests (from physics to programming, to investing, to sociology, and so on.) Only mathematics is applied in all of the fields of my interest, and I chose it as a compromise -- a way to study everything at once.

Fortunately or not, from 2011 to 2013, I had studied PhD program at Purdue University, "Interdisciplinary Life Science" program. I eventually had to terminate it, because I had not enough time for 3D Study Maze, which is based on my idea, which I think is extremely important for the world to know about. However, having not had enough support, I had to focus my attention on my, my brother's and a friends startup in Lithuania, focus on web marketing, and on learning more advanced statistics (my hobby).

My Present

Currently, I live in the U.S., West Lafayette. I plant to move on though, and not stay in the U.S. Together with my brother we have a company focusing on the management and optimization of PPC advertising campaigns, focused on maximization of returns through optimization of choice of independent variables in the campaign settings in Google AdWords and several other platforms. So for the time being I am focusing on building an automated bidding and ad text management system with JavaScript, PHP, Python, MongoDB and R.

My Future

I have some particular plans for the future:

(1) (secret -- ask me if you are interested)
(2) (secret -- ask me if you are interested)
(3) (secret -- ask me if you are interested)

Although I don't want to share all the concrete things in public, here are some of the abstract things that I want:

  • I want to live not too far from my best friends, so that we could have fun together.
  • I want to live not far from lakes, cause I like windsurfing!
  • I want to increase my IQ/EQ, cause I want to be more able to help others and myself, and understand others and the world.
  • I want to have more money, cause they are useful in achieving various goals. (I think money should reflect the amount that you helped others.)
  • I want to have more pleasure and utility in my communication and activities with friends.
  • I want to live not too far from medical care centers, cause I want to increase the likelihood of my survival for longer time. I don't want to get old.
  • I want to constantly measure various indicators of my health to prevent health issues. (just like an airplane does have lots of indicators, so should human bodies)
  • I want to imagine space travels together with my friends. I want to use mathematics to explore the space of possibilities, and plan for them (cause I think the world has lots of wonderful places we are not aware of, places with much more beautiful landscapes than that of Mars or Earth.)

(Actually, physics provides us with a variety of interesting formulae to imagine these possibilities, including $\Delta t' = \frac{\Delta t}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}}}$.)

Now, you can look at my blog at ^__^, but the blog won't necessarily be all in English. I will place my English texts here.

My English Texts

The Universe And It's Origin: my personal attempts to understand it


My Experiments in Kindergarten and Home

(Written: 2010).

How to read a MongoDB into Pandas DataFrame

Some quotations I like:

"In respect to the age of the Universe, lifespan of a person is not like a drop in the ocean, it's more like a drop in a child's swimming pool." (Mindey, 26 Jun 2005)

"I look at statistics as the purest form of information. If you understand how to interpret them, you don’t need long wordy explanations of what you are reading. Charts, tables, lists, graphs, and for this purpose… box scores, are all overwhelmingly superior to a bunch of words in my opinion. I consider stats as the holy grail of information and words as a necessary evil to make sure the reader understands what they are looking at." (Martin Manley)