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*$\mu$ stands for measure, as in measure theory.

Like my ideas? Have your ideas?

There are 3 options, click on the one that that suits you: collaborative, networking, financing.

Option 1: Collaborative

Know mathematics? Programming? Find similar things (1, 2, 3) exciting? I am very interested in high-impact ideas and ventures. There are a lot of ways in which we could do self-actualizing meaningful work together in a group of intellectually attractive people!

Some practice-proven ways to collaborate on-line:

Making appointments for on-line collaborations using Google Calendar. (See my my calendar, and add events to meet me on-line in any free times. Be sure to add me as a guest - then I'll receive an e-mail invitation.) Currently I live in North America, by Eastern Standard Time. The world now looks as follows:

Communication tools that I use:

1. Video chat over Google Hangout; Skype or Gtalk to call to regular phones.
2. SSH and GNU screen to code together over console.
3. VNC, TeamViewer, or Chrome Remote Desktop to share screens and work/create together.
4. GoCast and to draw on chalkboards with drawing tablets, and seeing other participants' video.
5. Dropbox for exchange of files, and Google Docs for simultaneous text composition.

Some other tools that I am using or had been using: vim, Drawing Tablet (Wacom Bamboo works well with Linux), SuperMemo, Python, Django, NumPy, R, Webfaction, Google App Engine, VirtualBox, RetroShare, Bitcoin, KeePassX, TrueCrypt, C++, Java, Maple, Matlab, AutoDesk Inventor, Sage.

Option 2: Networking

Realizing certain ideas means modifying the products of other people. For instance, Google would certainly be interested in the idea of transforming Google AdWords platform to allow businesses place real-life problems as challenges inside a 3D Study Maze-game-like education platform, but need to get this idea across. I can't modify Google AdWords without actually working with them.

Option 3: Financing

Have money? Help me buy some specialists' time! I need specialists who could be much more productive than I am in game development on Android and iOS, and consultants on planning system development.