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Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. The site presents a portfolio that is intended to showcase some of my ideas and works to anyone who is visiting this site.

Why Ideas?*

Entropy F has trained mutating replicators to pursue goal Y called "information about the entropy to counteract it". This "information" is us. It is the world model F', which happened to be the most helpful in solving our equation F(X)=Y for actions X, maximizing our ability to counteract entropy, perhaps to the extent that one day we are able to reverse the flow of time. ^__^

We are relatively small in comparison to the observable universe, yet some of our ideas may significantly change the way the universe is. Take life, it's based on a simple idea of copying information, yet life is developing quickly, and we are about to spread into the cosmos, countering entropy with intelligence, and approaching the immortality more persistently than we had ever done so before. Sometimes, even a little idea can bring us significantly closer to this future, and by "idea", I mean "a creative solution to a problem." I am especially interested in thinking and working on such ideas.

A good idea is an idea that requires relatively very little investment, yet it has a great potential return on investment. Luckily, it has never been easier and more realistic to come up with such high-return-on-investment ideas as it is today. Before the dawn of written communication, inventing even a quite useful technique would have benefited only the people nearby you, such as your village. However, with the written communication, a single book, or even a single line of text could influence the way of thinking of millions. With highly advanced modern fabrication technology, a single description of an invention, a computer program, or scientific discovery, can influence billions, and help billions, once it is put into practice. A good idea is an easily scalable solution to an important problem, and today, with the freedoms on the Internet, the soil is fantastic for seeding and growth of such ideas.

However, coming up with good ideas still requires effort and search, and to be able to search well it is healthy to practice it. In the process, you come up with many personally unusable ideas, which could be useful for someone else, or even crap ideas which nevertheless are amusing to consider. You can look through such ideas of mine in the section 'ideas'. Sometimes though, you come up with a gem that's just right for your skills, and require little time to implement, so you go and realize it. You can look through such ideas of mine in the section 'works'.

Finally, there can be a description of my formal education, employment and skillsets, which you can look through in the section 'résumé'.

[Mindey, 02012]

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